Polly Purvis
Seattle, Washington
The Queen's Consort
Mixed media sculpture, 22"h x 12"w x 9"d, 2019, $750
Vintage oil lamp, oil storage cap, fluted steel machine part, rubber valve shank washers and fuel tubing lines, copper and steel screening, sewing machine oil can<BR><BR>The Queen Mother partnered with crude oil that exploits and pollutes Mother Earth&#39;s native soil.
My current works are sculptural constructions composed of salvaged industrial and marine metals and domestic hardware. I join each piece to highlight their surface, color and texture and to exploit the unique properties of each material. My constructions also incorporate my traditional gelatin silver prints with the intent of combining two and three dimensions into a unified form. I recycle found and salvaged objects to reconfigure new forms and reimagine artifacts to reference history, cultural and environmental crisis.
My studio is in Seattle and I have an extensive background and education in photography, art history and sculpture. I spent many happy hours as a child in my father's machine shop in Brooklyn where my attraction to industrial metals and machined forms began. I'm inspired by the texture, history and former life of objects that bear signs of their past use. I have created various site specific installations in outdoor public spaces regionally, and exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally for the past 25 years. My work is represented by Medialia Gallery in New York City.
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Polly Purvis

Mixed Media

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