Tom McIntire
Seattle, Washington
Written/Unwritten - Samaritan
Acrylic on wood, 24" X 24", 2017, $750
She would have tried to save him even if she had known who he was, but he was too far gone.
I work with reclaimed materials where I can, including memories. Unforeseen circumstances stopped my writing cold - I could not sit at the computer to write for any period of time, but I could paint and make objects that show what I can't express in my short bursts of writing. Bright paintings on wood spring from my attempts to challenge myself to converse through beautiful, thoughtful, sometimes frightening objects.

I am not broken,
but the snow hid all the signs.
I don't know the way.
Tom McIntire is a Seattle artist, actor, writer and filmmaker. Trained as a painter, Tom branched out into performance, scriptwriting and filmmaking. His films have been seen locally at Bumbershoot, Maelstrom International Festival of Fantastical Films and the Tacoma Film Festival and in other festivals in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

In 2016, Tom collapsed on a sidewalk in Seattle. He was presented with physical, mental and emotional challenges that continue to rewire his mind and redefine his priorities and sensibilities. His current paintings grasp at a strong narrative in a broken, vibrantly colored space.
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Tom McIntire


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