Sandi Bransford
Seattle, Washington
Ceramic Mixed Media, 27"x10"x10", 2018, $1250
I am a storyteller. I craft sculptural narratives from clay, found objects and raw materials gleaned from nature. My stories are built around distant memories, rituals and dreams from my childhood in the Yakima Valley. Recent and ongoing observations and experiences also inform my work.

The human figure piques my curiosity and animal/human hybrids allude to the dual nature/spirit of all human beings. My art communicates emotion and seeks to evoke a time and space that is both ancient and contemporary. After utilizing text, drawing and collage on my sculpture, I finish with oils, acrylics, wax, graphite and textural glazes.
I grew up in Eastern Washington, moving to Seattle at the age of 18. Originally interested in painting, I evolved to working in clay as I favor 3D work. I have been exhibiting and selling mixed media sculpture in the Seattle area for the past decade. Travel and nature inform my worldview, and therefore my art.
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Sandi Bransford

Mixed Media

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