Anna Mlasowsky
Seattle, Washington
Straight Line Thinking
Durational Performance ( 7 h 18min), marker, paper, space, Durational Performance ( 7 h 18min), marker, paper, space, 2015, $9500
Video documentation( first 3 hours):<BR>We walk in circles when lost or without visual reference. Mentally we get lost too, we keep repeating the same thought over and over turning in circles.Ironically walking in a circle all day I created a straight line.
Rooms are best near corners. Rooms are best without doors. Rooms are even better with windows. Rooms are the spaces of our daily life. Each of them is constructed to serve a particular need. Within the public spaces we measure our position in life. Within the private home we define belonging and intimacy.
Our bodies are containers we inhabit our minds are compartmentalized rooms in which we search for likewise for definition and belonging. We are dependent on rooms, without their definitions we would be lost in an unidentifiable space. My work investigates both physical space and mental spaces.
Born in 1984 in Germany I have received her BFA from the Royal Danish Academy. I have been an artist in residence at The Toyama City Institute of Glass Art in Japan, The Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center and The National University of Sunderland. Her work has been shown internationally and is included in Museum collections such as The Corning Museum of Glass, & The European Museum of Modern Glass Art. She won the Otto Wladrich Prize and the Emerge Silver Award in 2014. She is an MFA candidate in Sculpture at the University of Washington.
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Anna Mlasowsky


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