Juli Adams
Seattle, Washington
The Heffalump Brigade
Oil on canvas, 24x30, 2016, $2500
We cannot know what other people are thinking, but we can know what they are feeling. It's written on the face, and in body language. My paintings are a way to reach into another person's experience through body language and story. Internal spaces are vast and full; each person holds their own world of experiences. I create moments that contain pieces of those worlds. I paint with oils on canvas, and wood panel.
I was raised in Washington in a house in the woods. My connection to nature started early, and gave me a glimpse of the depth and enormity of solitude, quiet, and subtlety. One cry from an owl showed the vastness of space in the darkness of night.

I've always made things, but my career really began in 2004 when I started making a living as an artist.

Aqua Art Miami (2009)
Art Chigaco (2010)
The White Space Gallery Solo Exhibition (Portland, OR)
Emanuel Volakis Gallery (Napa, CA)
Bellevue Art Fair
Saint Louis Art Fair
Cherry Creek Art Fair

Art and Women's Studies (Evergreen State College)
Gage Academy

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Juli Adams



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