Bo Young Choi
Seattle, Washington
Pink Dream
Wearable Art, Free Size, 2009, NFS
In Pink Dream, I explore the ways in which attire is transformed by my culture. I utilized traditional tailoring techniques with plastic grocery bags.
My work is my own interpretation of clothing as socially constructed.
In Eastern cultures, clothes are ritualistic. With my own experience of relocated in different country, appearance is the most verifying information that defined who you are. Clothes represent aesthetic and persona. The individual connection with clothes comes from personal attachment. The choice people make when purchasing bestows identities and histories on the clothes. As time accumulates they build up unique characteristics. I experience a personality from the clothes and culture. In my pieces, extension and exaggeration of clothes reference back to the body and outward to society.
Bo Choi is a fashion designer and innovative artist. She completed her MFA 2009 in Fiber at School of art in University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Her undergraduate studies were at University of California, Davis, in Fashion Design and Studio Art. Previously, as a fashion designer, she created a fashion line that explores and transgresses the typical ways the body contour interacts with clothing. She had a residency at Kulturprojekte, Berlin Germany and NMAR Seoul, South Korea. Currently, she teaches fashion design at Sanford-Brown College Seattle and computer graphic at North Seattle College and represented by Gallery IMA in Seattle.
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Bo Young Choi



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