Mary Scott
Seattle, Washington
Trees (Gray, Silver, Gold, White)
acrylic, pencil, marker, 40 x 30 x 1, 2018, $1800
This work explores the tree form as a container of abstract and literal responses to the energy of a tree. I chose to amplify the tension between the heightened decorative elements and the wild energy of the organic forms. Motion and growth, two core energies, activate the work.
On the 2-dimensional canvas my instincts as a visual artist and choreographer intersect. I begin with dynamic physical actions manipulating acrylic paint, sumi-e ink, pencil, watercolor, markers, glitter glue. I challenge materials with water – spraying, blotting, scrubbing to build a complex surface. Intense color amplifies emotional resonance.

Each painting is a vessel, a container. Inside each vessel I hear/see/feel voices, stories, fragments. Forms function as skins containing hybrid images, impulses, influences. The work is shaped by concepts inherent in the word illumination: light, radiance, adornment, revelation. What I seek isn't the description of surface but the movement inside form.
Visual Artist and Choreographer Mary Sheldon Scott has been exploring visual media and creating innovative performance works a for 40+ years. Scott holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder (1990), and studied additionally at Reed College, University of Oregon, University of Denver, and Cornish College of the Arts. Scott’s visual research has incorporated printmaking, bookbinding, drawing, painting, set design, costume design, digital design, animation, and video. Her current practice focuses on the development of human maps and anthropomorphic landscapes using painting and drawing techniques on canvas, paper and wood.
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Mary Scott


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