Amber Barney-Nivon
Seattle, Washington
Suspended in a Single Conciousness
sand, single channel video, 2x3x3 ft, 2016, NFS
Video still
My work explores the unity of the enigmatic Universe and patterns or phenomena in the known world.This, along with my ongoing inquiry into the process of creating units as a means of exploring the perception of space and pattern, has led me to my interest in scale. I am fascinated by fractal patterns originating from a molecular scale and repeating into the cosmic scale, as well as similar fractal-like patterns such as unit cells that make up crystals, that in theory and in the right conditions, could build upon one another forever.
Amber Barney-Nivon is a mixed media artist fascinated with the unknown “stuff” that binds us to one another and the natural world. Her inquiries are expressed through media like crystals, metal, wood, glass, acrylic, and found objects. A strict religious upbringing led to a host of inquiries into the world outside religion: anywhere from her identity as a woman within a patriarchal context, to big unknowns, like her place in space and time. This sparked an interest in science and, especially, art because of the permission it gives to observe and express phenomena outside the bounds of well-defined belief systems.
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Amber Barney-Nivon

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