Cynthia Luckie
Olalla, Washington
ceramic, 9x6, 2014, NFS
Intrepid was created with raku-fired stoneware.
As a rule…I don’t like rules. My work is as influenced by design as it is by the backdrop of music or siren. I can push and pull and plot, but there are times my intent is ignored. I have noticed that I tend to embrace nature in art with a goodly bit of the human condition…a teetering balance, so to speak. Rules or no rules.
What I create is directly influenced by me. Yes, that is an obviously odd, but true, statement. I use what I love as much as what I hate in my work. Whether breathing in the rain forest or the unwelcome stench of homelessness, we react to our experiences…I react. It is that reaction which drives my work.
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Cynthia Luckie

Mixed Media

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