Bri Chesler
Renton, Washington
Glass, vellum, wood, 14x12x4.5", 2017, NFS
Intimacy and exposure are the dual natures of desire. Access has become so easy that it has diluted the intimacy of interaction. The line between reality and illusion has been blurred to such a degree that this loss of intimate exchange has both magnified and suppressed our vulnerability. By creating sculptures that play with and mock the viewers' inability to control their physical attractions, I aim to capture the visceral experience of our carnal nature as freakishly alien and indifferent. Unveiling the awkward, comical, and grotesque moments of intimacy by flirting with the introverted perversions of being human.
Bri Chesler received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013, focusing on installation and sculpture. She later attended Pilchuck Glass School, an experience which heavily influenced her art practice and sparked her passion for glass. Shortly after attending, Bri relocated to Seattle to pursue glass blowing. Currently, she designs and produces glass products for a large scale production studio in Washington.
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Bri Chesler

Mixed Media

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