Jennifer Chin
Tacoma, Washington
Variation I - Part A
Collage, 8x8x1.625, 2018, $150
Part of the "Redaction In A Minor" series, a page from a tool making reference and instruction book is rendered useless as a guide through redaction and irrelevant pattern. Or is it? The human brain creates pattern and constructs images where there aren't any.
Planned compositions start from the inside out. Each layer influences the next. Chance creates cracks and unexpected textures. Gravity directs individual pigment particles to swirl and bleed. Beauty emerges; not from curated perfection, but evolves from decisions made to tame chaos and bend it to my will.
Jennifer Chin was born in Seattle, WA. Painting, collage, and drawing are her primary artistic focus, however, she also hand pulls relief and monotype prints, and enjoys the immediacy of Instagram. She completed a BA in Art from the University of Washington. Her artwork is in private collections across the United States. She currently lives and works in Tacoma, WA.
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Jennifer Chin

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