ST Rivera
Seattle , Washington
The Seedling Nymph
India ink, gel ink, 400 series Bristol smooth paper, 17"x14", 2018, $4800
The Seedling Nymph is born within the seed. When she matures, she gives her life forces to the seed and it grows and turns into a plant. Just before pollination, the seedling nymph perishes. She is then reborn in the next generation of seeds and the life cycle continues.
My work encourages the viewer to become a scientist--to pay attention to details and its relationship with the work as a whole.
ST Rivera is a self-taught ink artist, born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Her artistic style is best described as circlism, due to the thousands of meticulously placed circles in her drawings. She is often inspired by vivid dreams as well as patterns found in the natural physical world.
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