Vian Nguyen
Auburn, Washington
Is This The Dream?
Oil Paint, 22x17, 2018, $200
When people see the body in works of art they look for identifiers, first determining the gender and then race. In my painting I try to frustrate those attempts. By folding an original photographic image into geometric shapes or 3D forms, the created object distances itself from the comfortable identifiers.

Objects painted from a 2D photograph changed into these forms are then placed in an isolated world with undisturbed negative space to give the shadows and light of the object a high contrast. These objects; paper airplane or torn paper gives the illusion of actually existing in the real world

Vian Nguyen was born and currently lives in Auburn, Washington with her Husband and 5 year old son. She graduated from Western Washington University where she attained a Bachelor's of Fine Arts, with a focus on painting and drawing. She received a BFA Exhibition Marit Award for her graduating thesis show at the Western Washington Gallery. She is currently attending Maryland Institute College Art acquiring her Masters in Fine Arts. As a first generation Asian American, her work speaks about her experiences in life as she explores her racial identity in the Western Culture.

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Vian Nguyen


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