Josh R. McDonald
Seattle, Washington
Oil on panel, 42 x 36", 2019, $1550
Josh R. McDonald's current body of work explores themes of nature, loneliness, mood, and structure. Working with lines and shapes to explore these ideas, and gaining an understanding through depth, shadow, light, and a limited color palette. Guidelines inspired by early Modern art movements such as De Stijl and Neoplasticism. Known for sticking to a rigid rhetoric, for limiting the use of color, and for painting in a particular set of angles. He often depicts elements inspired by his past, mostly filled with the structure and landscape of a Central Oregon farm.
Josh R. McDonald was born in 1989 and grew up Powell Butte, OR. He studied at Eastern Oregon University where he received his BS in art in 2014.In 2016 Josh moved to Seattle, WA. Where he showed in his first solo exhibition at Cloud Gallery, and participated various group shows throughout the city.Josh's most recent achievements include a solo show at Art Center East in La Grande, Oregon. And showed work in 1 Room, a group exhibition presented by Studio E Gallery in conjunction with the Seattle Art Fair.
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Josh R. McDonald


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