Sarah Dillon
Renton, Washington
The Hearing
Graphite, watercolor and repurposed housinig materials, 18x15x6 inches, 2018, $800
This piece was created during the Kavanaugh Hearing. I was listening to NPR, and still reflecting on the issues of immigration, but in the context or privilege and inequality. It is a general reflection on the Senate’s inability, from a position of privilege, to listen respectfully to the people they serve, and the increased volume, anger and urgency in which the people speak only to have words land on deaf ears.
Place, as a multifaceted sensibility, can function as a catalyst for art-making that delves into the depths of self-reflection, social analysis, politics, international issues and history. Place offers up an excellent conceptual basis for creativity as well as human interaction. As a visual artist, it functions as the backbone of my work as I contemplate time, narrative, change and ultimately explore what it is to be where I am. In my work, I encourage self-reflection in life around us in effort to define and question truth; how it is experienced but also how it is presented.
I grew up in Yakima. After receiving my BA in studio art from the University of Puget Sound, I became the Public Programs Coordinator at TAM. I left the museum to study at Boston University, where I received my MFA in painting. I acquired curatorial base through graduate coursework at the Museum of Fine Arts Contemporary Art Department and the MET Art Administration Program. I moved to Seattle in 2006 and became Gallery 110 Director. I taught at several Northwest institutions and built my studio practice in Pioneer Square. I currently teach art as tenured faculty at Green River College.
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Sarah Dillon

Mixed Media

Open Studio!
100 under $100 buildingwide event!
First Thurday: October 4th, 6-9pm

The Good Arts Building where my studio is located will host an annual open house as well as a building wide exhibition - our annual sale of 100 pieces for under $100. Plus, come and view my recent project: Constructions.

110 Cherry Street, second floor, studio 9, Seattle.

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