Jeanne Marie Ferraro
Seattle, Washington
It's Chemistry and the Heart
bronze and Glass, 16 " x 10" x 5", 2018, $1000
Wall Hanging from a single nail. This sculpture was created by casting a weed vine and thistle shaped into a profile portrait. The cast glass heart with chemical growth from vinegar and copper is placed within.
I strive to convey more than a physical representation. Each art is intended to represent a narrative. I work from life models. I encourage my subject to talk to me as I create. I listen, striving to understand how their realities have imprinted them. I capture the stories, tell it visually, so that viewers can feel the substance and beauty in these subtleties. I produce a work that transcends a superficial representation, and instead becomes one that reflects the shared stories common to all of us.
Jeanne Marie Ferraro holds an M.F.A. from the Rochester Institute of Technology, a B.F.A. from Kent State University, and 3 years, in painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She learns any technique, material that will bring her ideas to fruition.
Her work has been shown nationally and internationally at BAM, Travor Gallery, Habitat Gallery at SOFA, The Shed Aquarium in Chicago, The Marinha Grande Museum of Glass in Portugal and with the Lion’s Main Collective in Seattle she has work is in several collections, such as the Dover Corp. in Chicago and The Leads, Kroeker Collection.
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Jeanne Marie Ferraro

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