Kathleen Faulkner
Anacortes, Washington
Morning After
Oil pastel, 24x36", 2017, NFS
My work is about environment and documentation.

Life on earth now is a lot different than when we were young. We are paying the price for our over abundance. Other species, wild places, habitats are declining.

I keep track of what is here now in a small portion of a region known as the Pacific Northwest. These are personal stories, a diary of sorts.

I am grateful to live in a place of such beauty. It is less than it was but more than it might be in future.

I am a Seattle native living and working in Anacortes, Washington. My formal art training was at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle with an emphasis on sculpture.

In the mid eighties I began a five year jewelry apprenticeship and have continued working in that medium. In 2005 I took an oil pastel workshop. I continue to work in that medium.

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Kathleen Faulkner


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