Soo Hong
Kirkland, Washington
I charged your phone for you last night
Acrylic, Charcoal, Paper on Canvas, 28.7" x 23.6 x 1.5", 2019, $1600
Soo Hong creates works drawn from the word “molla” which, in Korean, means “don’t know.” Because she has lived in various countries in Europe, Asia and America, she is not deeply rooted in a particular culture or language.

In her works which are semi-abstract and dreamlike paintings, she addresses themes of psychology and spirituality related to human emotions, as filtered through her own experience of ambiguity, her “molla.”
Her visuals are never concrete representations. Rather, their surreal atmosphere is intended to unconsciously activate the viewer’s deepest feelings.

Soo Hong is an artist and an illustrator graduated from Central Saint Martins College
of Art and Design in London. Currently she lives in Kirkland with her family. She was
an university lecturer, guest speaker and have been teaching from teenagers to adults
in her private studio. Her artworks were exhibited in New York, London, Copenhagen,
Rotterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
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Soo Hong

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