Diana Grant
Kirkland, Washington
Vacation Village
Acrylic on canvas, 36"x24", 2019, $595
This is an abstract landscape, textured and brightly colored with blue, yellow and green.
My paintings are informed by my background in architecture and my love of nature; I like to explore the energy between the two by creating space in my compositions.
The space or “air” is a device that allows the viewer’s eye a chance to rest and reflect.
Whether abstracts or figurative landscapes, I am inspired to paint work that is simultaneously earthy and ethereal.
I employ a balance of contrasting, yet dynamic colors, texture via brush, palette knife or rag strokes.
While my work is an outlet of expression; the experience for both viewer and artist is uniquely personal.

From 1971-1976 she worked in Ceramics. In 1976 she attended the Architecture Program at the University of Washington, which included drawing lessons. She has taken numerous art classes from the UW, Kirkland Arts Center and Gage, including Figure Painting, Portrait Painting, Landscape,Still Life and Abstract.
In 2015 she started Plein Air landscape painting with the Evergreen Association of Fine Arts and continues today.
She is currently focused on working in her studio to develop her skills through exploring ideas and mediums in abstract and landscapes. Her current preferred medium in acrylic paint for it’s quick drying time and water solubility.
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Diana Grant



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