Vinaya Rao
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30, 2020, $725
Duality is intrinsic everywhere and is our natural embrace. My intention with this work is to reveal that quality present in all of us and while there does not seem to be an apparent connection with the dual sides, one cannot exist without the other and many times influences each other.
My art works are born out of a desire to create experiences and stories within color. There are endless possibilities and outcomes to a painting and as I start a new one the process is always spontaneous and organic. As the painting evolves intuitively, you can hear something through its silence which allows me to adjust the color, texture and composition. My experiences play an unseen role in everything I paint and usually end up entwined in the layers of color.

I like to create art that enables the viewer to connect with experiences that lie beyond our sight, have visions through its void and relate with it emotionally. What gives me the most satisfaction is when the viewer feels and identifies themselves with parts or the whole of the painting.

Art has the power to reach deep within our hearts and is much needed in the ever changing world around us. I hope to use this power as a way to communicate and to express my ideas and my realness.
Artist with 15 years of experience following the passion and love for art, as well as a portfolio of varied accomplishments, including art shows and juried exhibitions. Color theorist with a strong sense of vibrant colors that is consistently displayed across all art works.

Exhibits/Juried Shows
o Multiple Juried Art Exhibits at Kirkland Arts Center
o Abstract Palooza Art Exhibit at Kirkland Arts Center
o Solo Exhibition at Vovito Bellevue
o Solo Exhibition at Vovito Seattle
o Art for Autism Charity Auction
o Charity Auction – CRY Seattle
o Spring Exhibit at West Elm Bellevue
o Summer Exhibit at West Elm Bellevue/Seattle
o Fall Exhibit at West Elm Bellevue
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Vinaya Rao

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